Company Profile


Company Profile

First, the basic situation of the enterprise:
Qingdao Kangping High-speed Railway Technology Co., Ltd. (KPRT) was established on March 31, 1992. It was listed on the National New Third Board in August 2016. The stock is referred to as “Kangping Iron”, stock code: 838564. The company is located at No. 33, Jinhong East Road, Chengyang District, Qingdao City, Shandong Province. It covers an area of ​​37,618 square meters and has a construction area of ​​38,727.45 square meters. It has 802 employees. It is an AAA-class honorary enterprise in Qingdao, and won the honorary titles of "2020 Shandong Specialized and Special Small and Medium-sized Enterprises", "21315 National Credit Information Demonstration Enterprise" and "Shandong Contract-abiding and Credit-honoring Enterprise".
The company is the first domestic manufacturer of rail transit composite materials through international standards such as Europe and the United States. It has ISO TS/22163 and ISO9001 quality system certification, DIN6701-2 (Class A1) European Bonding Quality System Certification, and EN15085. -2(CL1) European Welding Quality System Certificate, which was rated as "Top Ten Brands of China Rail Transportation Equipment Industry Quality Recognition" by National Industry Association, "China's Most Influential Leading Brand in Rail Transportation Equipment Industry" and "Promoting China's Track The benchmarking enterprise for the innovation and development of the transportation equipment industry."
Second, the production and operation of the enterprise:
In 2018, the company's output value was 346 million yuan, its main business income was 455 million yuan, and the actual tax paid was 406 million yuan. Compared with 2017, the company's output value decreased by 2.37%, business income increased by 48.8%, and paid taxes increased by 88.03%. .
It is estimated that in 2019, the company's output value will be 400 million yuan, the main business income will be 420 million yuan, and the tax payment will be 0.4 billion yuan.
Third, the company's product situation:
The company is a professional composite material molding manufacturing enterprise in the domestic and international rail transit equipment industry. Its main business is research and development, design and production of railway passenger cars, high-speed EMUs and toilets for urban rail vehicles, private rooms, front head masks, and open and close covers. , passenger seats, air ducts and FRP products for various equipment accessories, and related molds and tooling.
The company has an experienced R&D team that can provide technical solutions from product design, manufacturing to after-sales service according to user needs. The company has world-class technology and equipment, and has the largest and most stressful work in Asia, with 3,500 tons of SMC special presses manufactured by German technology, and five-axis linkage machining centers imported from Italy. At the same time, the company has maintained long-term cooperation with France Kangping, Japan Yaxi Road Company, the introduction of world-class technology and digestion and absorption, with advanced and superb skills to serve the quality of CRRC, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Bombardier and other high-quality customers.
At present, the company's annual output of motor car products is 1,200, and the annual output of subway products is 1,500, and the domestic market share is 60%. At the same time, while meeting the domestic market, the company's products are also exported to Japan, France and other countries, and gradually expand and expand overseas markets.
Fourth, the company's scientific and technological innovation:
The company has 18 utility model patents and 1 invention patent.
There are 12 employees with master's degree or above and 9 employees with the title of middle and senior engineer.
The company is a national high-tech enterprise, and is also the Qingdao Enterprise Technology Center and Qingdao Engineering Research Center (Engineering Laboratory)-Qingdao Kangping Iron and Steel Composite Materials Engineering Research Center, and was selected into the 2018 Qingdao SMEs. The list of new "products (technical) training (glass-steel heads for railway trains), and the list of "100 million" projects in Qingdao's science and technology enterprises.
V. Enterprise development planning:
By increasing investment and resource integration, the company will continue to strengthen and consolidate the position of the company's industry leader, promote product standardization, environmental protection, modularization, light weight and fine crafting tools, and strive to become first-class technology, first-class quality, leading management, service. First-class modern enterprise.
On the other hand, the new shareholders will use Qingdao Kangping as a bigger and stronger financing development platform, pay close attention to the technology development and change trend in the field of high-speed rail and new transportation materials, increase capital investment, grasp the opportunities inside and outside the industry, and focus on the industrial chain. Actively implement horizontal and vertical mergers and acquisitions, combining the development of internal extension and extension of expansion, and making Qingdao Kangping a recognized leader in the field of high-speed rail and new transportation materials.

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